How PCA is Different

Our Broad Spectrum Anti-Oxidant is different.  It is a single molecule, not a mixture of many plant extracts.  It is protocatechuate (PCA) which is short for protocatechuic acid.  During the years of our diligent research and development we have established by sourcing, laboratory testing and quality control that every effort has been made to assure our PCA as safe.

PCA is a single pure molecule, not a mixture of many known and perhaps unknown reagents and therefore assurance of purity was possible.  Anti-oxidants that are mixtures of many different nutraceuticals may be the cause of problems in sourcing.  In addition, when there is a mixture of many nutraceuticals it does not lend itself to a high level of quality control.

Researched and Developed and Manufactured in the USA: Our product was researched and developed in the USA.  Testing at multiple laboratories in America established its quality and biological function.  Many United States patents have been issued for PCA based upon our R&D.  Our product is manufactured in certified plants in the USA.  See About Us page.

PCA is Powerful Anti-Oxidant:  Unlike many of the anti-oxidants, we only need one reagent in that PCA is a powerful anti-oxidant.  PCA is 10 times more powerful than vitamin E. 

Li X, Wang X, Chen D, Chen S.  Antioxidant Activity and Mechanism of Protocatechuic Acid in vitro.  Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2011; 7:232-244 Page 232 of 244 Research Open Access.

PCA has Strong Anti-inflammatory properties:  Most conditions causing adverse health are fundamentally inflammatory in cause.  PCA has powerful ant-inflammatory properties.

Sung-WonMin, Su-NohRyu, Dong-HyunKim.  Anti-inflammatory effects of black rice, cyanidin-3-O-β-d-glycoside, and its metabolites, cyanidin and protocatechuic acid.

International Immunopharmacology.  Volume 10, Issue 8, August 2010, Pages 959-966

Source: After testing PCA from many sources, we chose those that had the highest quality.  Our source of PCA is extracted from plant material that has a long history of health benefits in Asia.  We have certificate of Analysis accompanying ever batch from our supplier.

Independent Confirmatory Testing: We perform independent testing of the material from our chemical supplier to confirm the chemical identity and the percentage thereof.  We independently test for any toxins to make sure that none exist.  We test for trace metals and confirm that they are less than nine parts per billion.

Manufactured in USA.  Our product is manufactured in certified facilities in USA.

Safety: PCA is safe in the recommended daily dose.  PCA is common to the human diet.  You are likely eating PCA every day.  It is the primary metabolite of the dyes found in blueberries and cherries.  When you consume either of these fruits, scientific studies show that the primary dye (cyanidin-3-glucoside)is converted to PCA in your blood stream in 30 minutes.  PCA is found in so many foods in the daily diet; onions and white grapes and white wine.

Different Billing Practices:  We have a single price which includes shipping and handling.  This avoids a surprise of a hidden high cost of shipping and handling.