The primary purpose of this site is informational.  It is an opportunity for you to understand more about anti-oxidants and their properties to promote optimal health.  On this web site pages you can learn about us, see the relevant medical literature concerning our anti-oxidant under the Evidence Based section and find specific answers readily under FAQ.

Our anti-oxidant is a nutraceutical, a food supplement. We fully disclose that our anti-oxidant has not been reviewed by the FDA.  In addition, we make it clear that we are not offering to make a diagnosis or proposing a treatment for any disease.  Any and All health care issues are best determined by and under the care of a qualified health care provider.

Medical Literature:  The medial literature documents the health benefits of PCA. We have chosen the adjective of “Broad Spectrum” because of the many applications documented in the published literature. _Disease_Prevention_Biological_Activities_and_Molecular_Mechanisms[accessed Oct 22, 2016].

United States Patents:  After more than 10 years of continuous research and development concerning PCA the United States patent office has issued the following patents to Dr. Johnson. To be clear, all of the following patents about PCA are applications not related to the oral intake.  The oral intake patents are pending.

The United States Patent number is followed by the title of the patent.  These are available for review on the US patent office web site.  The easiest way to see the claims and the supporting scientific evidence is to go to:  This site allows you to type in the patent number, a very quick way to view all the credible evidence.

The recommended daily dose of a single 500 milligram pill of protocatechuic acid is below the amount that requires additional labeling by any state.

Inflammation is common to the unhealthy conditions in the human body.  In addition, pathological expression of bacteria are common to unhealthy conditions in the human body.

PCA is both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties as established in the medical literature and the supporting evidence in the US patents granted to Dr. Johnson.  

We believe our pricing is fair, considering the purity of a single anti-oxidant, the independent laboratory confirmation of high concentration, low toxicity, and trace metals less than 9 parts per billion.  

If after being fully informed you decide to purchase, there will be no continuous monthly credit card billing.  If you benefit from your purchase, then you will make subsequent purchases. We have a single price that includes shipping and handling within the continental USA.  This avoids a surprise of an additional hidden high cost for shipping and handling.

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